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Specializing in quality deck and outdoor living construction in Garland and north Dallas.  Decks and patios are extensions of your home and allow you to fully enjoy your outdoor space while staying clean, dry, and shaded.  Every deck or outdoor living project we build is unique to your space, your budget, and your desired outcome.  As a specialized deck builder in Garland, we have designed and built many decks and outdoor living projects over the past 11 years.  Our outdoor living construction capabilities includes: decks, patios, patio covers, covered porches, sunrooms, pergolas, gazebos, arbors, pavilions, wood fences and wood gates.  We build both wood decks and composite decks and even exotic hardwood decks, it’s all up to you.  The other deck builders in Garland cannot compete with our experience, pricing, and workmanship.  If you’re looking for a brand new custom deck or if you have an existing deck that needs to be repaired or re-built, we work on existing decks too.  Call us for a free on-site estimate to look at your available space, come up with design ideas, talk about material options, and determine what we can build to fit your budget.


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Areas We Service

Garland is in the heart of north Dallas.  We’ll do jobs within about a 20 mile radius of Garland we we have found that is where most of our work comes from and we can still bid jobs competitively.  Below are the major areas that we’ll build a deck in and it will give you an idea of our range.  If you’re city is not located, please call and ask us.

75040, 75042, 75041, 75238, 75243, 75044, 75048, 75089, 75088, 75082

Address & Directions

Our address in Garland:

Garland Decks & Patios

You work incredibly hard to create a home you can be proud of. That’s great. We think there’s no reason to work hard on your yard if you don’t stop and enjoy the rewards your hard work has to offer. Otherwise, what’s the point? You deserve to get some benefit out of your own hard work. What better place to lay back and admire all the hard work you have put into your home than on your very own brand-new deck? At the right time of year, they can be the perfect place to relax outdoors. You can spend quality time in the company of family and friends, soaking up the atmosphere and all the good things your home has to offer. Get a reward for all your hard work.

We here at Garland Decks & Patios are driven by a simple goal: to help you get that little extra enjoyment out of life. Your home is a place for you and your family to relax and enjoy yourself and each other’s company. With all the hard work and maintenance your home can sometimes require, it can be tough to relax. All of our services are driven by our stated aim to help you enjoy life more at home. We think there’s no better place to do that than outdoors, looking at the beautiful views and your beautiful home. That’s why we provide a range of decking, balcony, and outdoor area installation services. You can soak up the atmosphere you have worked so hard to create, in a comfortable and fun environment, surrounded by family and friends. What could be better than that? We are a Garland deck contractor who can provide all of this for you and your home. Enjoy yourself more at home, that’s why you purchased it in the first place.

What is deck building the Texas way?

It actually entails much more than merely making it bigger. We also like to make your deck better, sturdier, and more beautiful. Do you know if your chosen contractor has what it takes to make this happen? After all, becoming the top-ranked deck builder in the region is not something that happens overnight. It takes several years to master construction techniques and apply structural knowledge. A good designer may be born with good taste, but they should still cultivate an eye for what’s beautiful, practical, and plausible.

A pool deck, sun deck, or even just a patio enclosure are often the final key when building the ideal home. After all, we all love to take care of the interior first: your bedrooms and kitchen are the essential spots where most of your life will happen. The exteriors can usually wait, but that is where most of the fun will take place.

If you have available space in your backyard and want to turn it into fun central, then it’s time to make it happen. We have spent years designing and building decks all around Garland, TX, and can help you figure out what you want, how you want it, and what the best materials to use are.

Of course, many of our clients already know what they want, they just need someone who can take that vision into a sketch or that blueprint into a building. We can work with your existing design or provide you with a design consultation, and help you figure out what you really want.

Give us a call and let us take a look at:

  • Your space
  • Your budget
  • Your dream
  • Your ideal use

We’ll turn that into a completely unique deck.

We can handle deck construction, repairs, and custom designs alike. We have the methods and expertise to make sure the project happens, and more importantly, that it happens without becoming an endless headache for your family.

Custom deck designs

The sign of a true professional is that they go well beyond the average worker. This is most evident in the Garland deck construction business when dealing with custom deck design and construction.

Anyone can buy a prefab shelf or rail and assemble it, but can you do it entirely from scratch? At Garland Decks, we firmly believe that it is our true calling. We want to ensure that the best decks in Garland and the surrounding communities all carry our signature, and we are nearly there.

Deck designs are not just a matter of slapping together a couple of rails and adding a stair to the side. There is a talent and a skill involved in making the most of your space. We want to ensure the end result is inviting, warm, and flexible enough to let the fun happen. At the same time, we want your deck to be safe enough for your kids and sturdy enough to survive a storm.

Our Garland deck designers don’t just love design; they all have worked with our crews to know what can be done and the best ways to achieve it. There is a unique type of expertise that comes from working your way up. It’s what allows us to create a design from scratch or improve the ideas that you have

What does deck designing entail?

The minute you give us a call to schedule a deck consultation, we’ll be starting a process that goes well beyond merely scheduling an appointment. We’ll be getting straight to business.

We’ll come to you: The first step is to know the land we’ll be working with. This is why we won’t even try to sell you a prefab deck model from our office. We’ll come to you, survey your land, and try to determine your needs. We’ll also take a look at your front gate and make sure our deck matches the rest of your home!

  • This is your deck in your home. You probably already know how you want to use it. Whether it’s just a dream of sunny summers with the kids or a specific plan for your upcoming weekend cookout, we want to help.
  • There are many paths to take. Part of the wonder of a custom deck is that we can adapt the size, materials, and finish to your desires and budget. If your preferred style matches many possible materials, we’ll help you choose the right type of woods and polishes.
  • Safety comes first and starts at the beginning. The best way to ensure that your deck will be safe and durable is to start with quality materials and service.
  • We will discuss the legal necessities. We know the Garland building codes, and we follow them. This will prevent redesigns and extra expenses later on.
  • Customized estimates are accurate ones. We could create an online calculator that gives you a made-up cost per square foot of a wooden sun deck. This wouldn’t help you; we know that you need a realistic estimate to work with.

It all starts with a consultation. Call us for a free estimate.

Deck additions

Deck additions can improve or breathe new life into your existing deck while keeping the overall structure appealing and safe. Whether your family has changed, you have a new hobby in mind or need to adapt a preexisting structure to your ideal use, we are here for you.

Deck additions can range from a brand-new rail to an accessibility ramp or an external staircase, all the way to a brand-new enclosure for your new veggie gardening project or jacuzzi section.

When homeowners in Garland, Richardson, or Rockwall need to add new flowerbeds or want a private corner for sunbathing, Garland Decks is their first choice.

It takes years to build a word of mouth reputation. We have succeeded, and we are not quite ready to relinquish that privilege yet. Our fully insured crews, talented designers, and demanding site supervisors will help you improve or expand on your existing deck.

Wooden decks

Wood is one of the more reliable materials, especially where outdoor structures are concerned. Not only are they warm, but they also transmit a variety of feelings and style. It all depends on the design.

Whether you want your home to feel like a fresh, rustic, All-American ranch, or are going for a modern and minimalist sleek design, we can use wood to get the desired effect.

Warm during the winter, soft, and ideal for Garland’s weather, wood is a luxurious and versatile material. Plus, it’s full of options. We can work with local woods or source exotic imported woods all the way from the Brazilian rainforest. Just ask about what’s available and what’s ideal during the consultation.

Wood deck contractors with a green heart

At Garland Home Decks, we have invested years in our business and reputation. Naturally, we want to make sure it lasts. This is why sustainability is at the core of all our wooden deck designs. We work with reputable lumber providers and certified wood importers.

This means that homes around Garland and the surrounding suburbs can enjoy the safety of knowing that:

  • Our imported woods are ethically sourced.
  • Our domestic wood supports families like yours making a living.
  • When we say we are getting mahogany, that’s what you are getting.

Composite decks

Composite materials are lighter than wood. Depending on your needs, they may be even easier to clean and cheaper to maintain.

It all depends on what you need and want. We work with a wide variety of composite materials: wood grading and exact raw materials may vary, but our work’s quality never will.

Composite decks are rarely asked about, but they bring many advantages to the table:

  • A wider array of possible colors and textures
  • Extra safety features, especially if you have teething children around
  • Increased resistance to the environment and moisture, especially around pools
  • The potential to opt for anti-slip or even anti-bacterial covers

Deck and gazebo restoration

As much as we all love the opportunity to start with a brand-new project, sometimes true expertise is only shown when repairing an existing gem.

Did your new home already have a gazebo? Is your deck in need of a remodel or massive refurbish? Maybe your old house has a beautiful vintage balcony that needs to be maintained.

Either way, our restoration services can ensure that we make the most of what is already there. We can provide the architectural jewels hiding around Garland with a brand-new look that respects the original style and historical value.

Just let us take a look at what you have.

Deck repairs and maintenance

Even the best-built deck will need maintenance every once in a while. What happens after a storm leaves your railing in dire need of structural strengthening?

You can always rely on Garland Decks. We can return an old deck to its former glory. Whether it’s merely fixing a crack on a corner or improving the entire deck’s stability, we can handle it. Our team has extensive experience with non-invasive and invisible repairs.

About Us

Building a deck, patio, or porch in Garland is about much more than simply creating a functional structure. Your deck or patio is part of your home and it should fit your aesthetic design and serve it’s functional purpose with ease! Our team at Garland Decks & Patios works with you during every step of the design and building process so your ideas are brought to the forefront while we’re building.

With over a decade of design and building experience, Garland Decks & Patios decking contractors understand all of the different methods, designs, and details that goes into creating your perfect outdoor living space. Our projects start with an estimate so you know the pricing before we even start construction! We work with every type of material, design pattern, and spacing size so no matter what you’re planning, our team can make it happen.

Patio covers, patios, outdoor kitchens, decks, and all manner of outdoor living spaces add a whole new layer to your home and increase the overall value. As high-quality Garland deck builders, our team can help you decide what type of material to use, the design you should employ and how it will affect the curb appeal of your home.

While a deck can be a great space for friends, family, and guests to gather, if not done correctly they can quickly become a hazard. Invest in the best with Garland Decks & Patios so your new outdoors space is safe, functional, and matches your overall home aesthetic!

Primary Services We Offer

It’s in the name: our number one used services are our custom decks! There are many different types of materials that can be used for your new deck and lots of designs we can employ. We work with everything from natural wood to composite decking so you’ll have your choice of colors, texture, and designs. 

Our expertise doesn’t end at just building custom decks! If you already have a deck, routine maintenance, cleaning, and repairs can take up a lot of your downtime. Instead of spending all of your own time to do all of those things, let our team take care of it for you. We do deck waterproofing and deck repairs so you don’t have to! We’ll have your deck ready for your next big Texas barbecue in no time! 

Pergolas and gazebos in your front or back yard are an excellent addition to your home’s value and curb appeal. They also make a beautiful center point for gathering with your friends or family that still offers shade even in the middle of the hot Texas summer. Patio covers by our team offer the same type of shade so you can continue to enjoy your outdoor spaces year round! 

Whatever you want to design and do with your outdoor space, we can build it for you! All of our projects start with an on-site free estimate so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting and the price you’ll be paying before we even start to break ground. 

Primary Service Areas

Garland, Texas is our home and we’ve spent years investing in this community! Texas offers plenty of opportunities to be outside and creating outdoor spaces that you love is what drives us from year to year. 

In and around Garland, there are tons of places and ways you can incorporate a new deck, patio, pergola, or patio cover into your design. Areas like Rowlett, Rockwall, Mesquite, and Balch Springs are well within our comfort zone! We travel all around the countryside to communities surrounding Garland. 

Finding a deck building company you can trust who can build what you want can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack! Even if you’re not in our normal circle, you can always give our team a call and we can assess whether our team can reach your home and community. While Garland is our home, we’re willing to travel to make sure your outdoor spaces are just the way you like them! 

Your home is your castle, no matter where you live in Texas! We’re dedicated to building a space you’ll love in Dallas, Plano, Allen, and Richardson as well as Garland. When it comes to building and changing your home, hiring a team who understands your community is crucial. We treat your home like our own and your community like ours when we come to build on your property. Design your dream outdoor space and see it become a reality anywhere around Garland with Garland Decks & Patios! 

Why Choose Us

Building or designing anything around your home can end up being a touchy subject. After all, your home is your castle and the aesthetic, functionality, and overall design mean a lot! Our team at Garland Decks & Patios takes great care with every detail to ensure things are just the way you want them. 

We start every project with a free, on-site consultation so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting before we even break ground on your project. Everything from decks to gazebos and pergolas are part of our repertoire! Investing in our team of decking contractors and designers here in Garland, Texas is one of the best things you can do for your homes curb appeal. 

You don’t have to even live in Garland to get all the benefits of working with our team! Our service area reaches all the areas around Garland so you can get the best care and design for your home without needing to rely on a low-quality team. All of our projects are competitively priced so you can get just what you need without breaking your budget. 

Trusting any part of your home to an outside contractor can be daunting. Investing with a local team like Garland Decks & Patios is a great way to ensure that you get the price you need for your budget and have a new outdoor space that suits all your needs. Complete your homes outdoor space with a new deck, patio, gazebo, or pergola from Garland Decks & Patios! 

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