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With the number of things around your house that can be subject to wear, tear and damage in accidents, it’s a wonder anything ever gets done. Decks, sadly, are just another part of this list. Decks are made to be durable, sure, but they aren’t infallible. Get the help you need to get things back to the way they were.

We provide both resurfacing and repairs, so you can be confident that we can get your deck looking new again, whatever problem you have. As an experienced deck repair contractor in Garland, we understand when a deck can be salvaged and when it cannot.  We can identify what parts can stay and what parts need to be replaced. Repairing a deck is sometimes the best move and is sure easier on the pocketbook than tearing the whole thing out and putting in a new deck.

Deck resurfacing

Deck resurfacing is the process of replacing various parts of your deck, such as the boards or railings, without disturbing the deck foundation or frame. This way, you can use the current frame or foundation as a base. This is an excellent solution if the framework is still in good condition, but the boards or other parts of your deck need replacing.

It’s an easier and cheaper alternative to investing in an entirely new deck. This is really only a viable option if the existing framework is still in reasonable shape.


There are a few situations you might find yourself in where your deck requires repair. Damage can happen for a whole host of reasons in a whole range of different areas of your deck. Boards, railings, or the deck’s foundation can all be subjected to wear and tear, either over time or in an accident.

We’ve repaired and seen everything you could ever think of. If you notice a problem with your deck, you can relax, knowing that we have you covered and can repair any problem you might have.

Help when you need it

Getting help when you really need it can make everything a lot easier. If your deck needs repair, then you probably want help straight away. Decks are such an intrinsic part of our homes that it can be difficult when they are damaged or need repair.

The repair service we offer is quick and efficient, so you can get things back on track. There’s no need to let this integral part of your home hold up your day-to-day life anymore. It shouldn’t be an inconvenience, not when we offer such a simple solution to the problem.

Get the right result

When you want something repaired, you want it done right. The repair should restore things to the way they were. When it comes to deck repair, this is our guarantee. We provide comprehensive repair services explicitly designed with this aim in mind.

Our vast experience with installing and repairing decks mean we know how to get the result you are after. No need to wait or wonder if your deck will look like it did before. Get the result you not only want but need.

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