Custom Decks

A deck can be a great addition to your home, providing you with an area you can really enjoy life. A custom deck is even better. Then you’ll know it’ll fit your home and everything you are trying to achieve perfection.

Your home is unique. Space and area you have available are different from any other home. A generic installation service simply isn’t going to suit you. We are the deck builder that provides decks to custom fit your home and look you want. We fit your home, not the other way around.

Custom Made to Fit

Your home is different from every other home. You have unique tastes and range of different challenges and constraints your home can throw up when you want to install a new deck. More than that, we know that you want something that perfectly captures the look you are going for and fits with the overall feel of your home.

All our decks are custom made and designed with only your home in mind. That way you get the perfect fit you want and need. No need to worry. We the premier builders in Garland.

Get What You Want

Having a custom designed and installed deck means you can get exactly what you want. You want something different for your home. You want and need something different from your neighbors. We understand that each home is different and has unique requirements.

We can help you get exactly what you want. Our whole process from start to finish is driven by you and your home, what you want and what fits with your home. That way you are completely satisfied. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the results we provide. No need to be concerned.

Wood Deck

A newly installed wood deck can be a great addition to your home. Building a deck using wood is advantageous in many ways. Wood is a durable material, which is important for your deck given the foot traffic it will likely endure and the constant exposure to the elements.

Along with this, they are relatively easy and straightforward to maintain, meaning you don’t need to worry about ridiculous and expensive repairs if you should encounter any problems. Most important of all, it can enhance and fit with any look or feel you are going for.


Composite decks are an increasingly popular alternative to traditional wooden decks. It is, as the name suggests, a composite wood and plastic hybrid, that creates a product that is far heavier and stronger than wood but also mimics its appeal and appearance. The end result is something that appears like wood but is also a far better alternative to just simple plastic.

A composite requires less maintenance and is often made from recycled materials, perfect for those who are conscious about the environment but still want the best result. They really can provide your home with a great range of benefits.